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History and the Emergence of Its Online Version According to the dictionary, the word ‘slot’ means «a narrow, elongated depression, groove, notch, slit, or aperture, especially a narrow opening for receiving or admitting something, such as a coin or a letter.» So if you take a look back at Britain or US in the late 1800s, you will see a machine invented by Charles Fey which was designed with a slot to receive or sputter coins.

Up till that point gamble was solely associated with cards, dice or wheels – the classic table games that are all still around today. So, gambling purveyors were in search a machine with an easy to use auto-mechanism which would be able to ensure payout for all probable winning combinations. Fey’s machine fitted this requirement with its three reels and flashing symbols. The Liberty Bell was among the symbols used in this first machine which later came to be the name of this popular first slots machine.

Generally, the slots machine was operated with just a single lever to spin the reels for which it is where the well known title of ‘one arm bandit’ came from – a name that is still widely used today.

Around the same time as the Liberty Bell came to the forefront there was another machine created by Sittman and Pitt Company which is another contendor  for the title ‘Father of Slots Games’ with its 1891 invention of a breakthrough gambling device. But as Fey’s machine was first to be commercially introduced to the gambling world, he probably more rightly canbe called as the father of slots machine.

Modern slots games are just the polished version of that most primitive technology.

Along with the gradual development of technology, the look and feel factor has also been taken into consideration by the gambling companies to make it look more attractive and alluring.

In the year 1963 the next milestone in the evolution of the slots machine was reached with the invention of the first ever fully automatic electromechanical slots machine, Honey Money. Several factors like bottom-line jumper, automatic repay without the need of an attendance etc. had made it an instant hit among the gamble enthusiasts. And this Honey Money is considered as the forerunner of online slots with its brilliant features and technologies.

If we can closely follow the evolution of slots games, we can notice how cards have replaced the cash winnings, touch screen have replaced the traditional monitors and how virtual slots machines with their ‘virtual reels’ (computerised reels that are longer than physical reels possibly could be) have given the real life slots a tough competition after the inception of World Wide Web.

When you have the opportunity to sit cozy on your couch, munch your favorite snacks, listen to your all time hit list and play slots on your laptop, many players are now asking why would they even bother to go all the way to the casino to find a slots machine around?

This is the primary reason behind the phenomenal popularity of online slots which has revolutionised the gambling market in just as dramatic a wayas the original slots machines did all those years ago.

The emergence of online slots have also completely revolutionised how you fund your play.

No longer do you need to carry money on you, with ewallets and online money transfers everything is done electronically. This removes all the risk of losing money or getting mugged and is indeed a safer option than hard cash. With the dramatic improvements in the speed, graphics and bonus features available with online slots, there really is a game for everyone!

Casino Review Blog Slots Games
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