Legend of Terra by NeoGames – Video Slot Review

I don’t like to be a negative nelly, many reviewers coin their reputation and their living by tearing down products and ideas, I like to think I’m pretty open-minded, but after forty-five minutes of auto-play trying to trigger a bonus on this game, I’m done. Legend of Terra is a noble enough premise, an epic fantasy theme game in the mould of Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, but it simply doesn’t have the action to match its theme, further, the graphics and animations are as grainy and woeful as the payouts.

Type:   Video Slot, Animated Symbols

Structure:  5 Reels, 3 Rows, 1-20 Active Pay-lines

Bets:  1 Coin Per Line Max, Coin Values, 0. 01 – 10. 00

Min/Max Total Stake:   0. 01 – 200. 00 £/$/€

Max Win:  10, 000x Coins / 100, 000 £/$/€

Wild:  Yes – Substitutes for all symbols except Scatter and Bonus Trigger, offers an x2 / x5 / x10 Multiplier.

Scatter:  Yes, acts as a x5 / x20 / x500 Multiplier.

Other Features:  Pay-Table, Auto-Play, Pick Win Bonus Game with win Multiplier.

Theme & Game-play:

I  would normally reel off the symbols at this point, but perhaps nothing highlights the utter lack of effort in this games design so well as seeing what the game’s paytable calls the symbols, seriously, check this out:

  • Paytable Symbol x 3 x 4 x 5
  • Viking x100 x500 x10, 000
  • Bull with Gray Haired x25 x100 x200
  • Gray Haired Man with Red Shirt x20 x50x100
  • Blonde Bearded Muscleman x15 x20 x50
  • Brown haired woman x10 x20 x30
  • Shield x5 x10 x15
  • Ring x4 x6 x10
  • Scroll x2 x4 x5
  • Holy Grail x1 x2 x4
  • Scatter (Blonde women with pointy ears) x5 x20 x500

Any game which lists the scatter as ‘Blonde women with pointy ears’ probably has problems, I mean even the grammar and spelling is poor. Which is a shame, with 20 pay-lines the game play is easy to follow, the theme is solid and it’s almost as if they tried to produce more realistic character icons and failed. There is even a greater level of animation than normally found in NeoGame’s titles, that isn’t enough, they have to be quality to use them, otherwise guys, don’t include them!

The game plays seamlessly enough, it’s a no download title, based on flash so compatibility is pretty universal.

The entry music is actually not that bad, and the sound effects are bang on target for the intended genre, there is a lot of unfulfilled potential in this game. With 1-20 win lines, you have a 0. 20 credit minimum bet if you want to play all lines, which is reasonable.

The max bet is 200. 00 credits which given the 100, 000 max win is pretty decent. The bonus round is apparently very good, but after leaving the game on auto-play whilst writing this review, it still hasn’t kicked in, so I give up!

The stilted game-play arises from the RTP, which is higher than most NeoGame’s slots and they have compensated by making the variance super low. You will get plenty of playtime for your cash because of this, but I simply don’t think you will see entertainment, this may be a little biased as I prefer medium to high variance games.

This online slot is available free and for real cash at most casinos who stock it so you have the chance to try at no risk.

Here are some NeoGames Stocked sites for different countries.

Legend of Terra by NeoGames – Video Slot Review
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