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Considered to be one of the most entertaining games, Bingo has been around in the popular circle since the 15th century when its Italian form known as Lotto was doing the rounds all over Europe. The beauty of this game is that it has traversed through centuries undergoing various transformations and variations. Starting from Italy, the game soon spread to Germany and other European nations with each of them making slight alterations to the game. Thus evolved, the game of Bingo which has now set the online gaming world on fire.

The Lotto transformed into Beano, which was played in a carnival in Georgia.

The name Beano was from the fact that, a bean was used to cover the numbers that were announced and the player who gets the sequence of numbers covered horizontally, vertically or diagonally emerges the winner.

During the 1930’s when an American man Ed Lowe visited the carnival, he was fascinated by this game’s popularity and wanted to try this game back in America. It is said that the game became Bingo here when one of his guests at the party where he introduced this game, shouted Bingo accidentally instead of Beano. There is no looking back since then. The game has traversed a long way commercially in various forms and variation of rules.

With the increase in popularity of the game, it was made part of the UK Gaming Act in 1968. During the time that Lowe introduced this game in America, there were many problems with the randomization of number placement in the cards. He had to approach a mathematics professor Carl Leffler to aid in the task of deciding the placement of numbers and it was done. Bingo! We got the first official commercially released version of the game.

With the advent of the Internet era, online gaming fever was fast catching on, with Bingo as no exception.

Bingo going online is considered as a major breakthrough in the history of the game. 2003 was a landmark year in that the first online bingo game sites based in UK sprung up.

The game is most popular in the UK than anywhere else. This could partly be due to the fact that online version was introduced in the UK which increased the popularity of the game. Today, there are more than 2 million players hooked to the Internet playing this game online. It is easier and more fun this way.

The number of sites offering the game online has also increased multifold with years. Above all, it is a very lucrative venture because the money offered for winnings has increased with the growth of online games.

The online Bingo fever spread from the UK to the US after it became popular in the UK. Although the number of sites based in UK is the highest, it is fast catching up in other countries as well with additional offers and extra features.

The origin and the path traveled by this game are very unique because, there is no standard way in which it is played.

There are numerous versions and modifications to this game that is being played and yet the basic flavor has been retained and it has not diminished in the years. In fact, online bingo industry should be credited for this increase in popularity.

BingoCasinoBlog. com – Your Primary Online Bingo Resource
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