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Compliant to US Laws After the UIGEA or Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 was passed, many people keep on asking a particular question, «How to find online poker sites which are stamped as legal by the US government?» I am not saying that it is very unusual as there is some real confusion over this particular law. This is the reason why the US citizens cannot fulfill their dream of becoming master casino player. Now, I will help you in understanding the UIGEA law as well as reveal the secrets of how to find out the best online sites for playing internet poker which are compliant to the UIGEA law as well.

Understanding the basic view of UIGEA

If you are an internet poker enthusiast and reside in USA then at the very first, you must understand the federal Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act coming into act in 2006. Instead of classifying internet poker illegal, this act puts a ban on online money transactions which is a very common scenario elsewhere. So you can actually play poker, but cannot place a bet or claim your winning wager. Neither can you use your credit card for giving or receiving payments.

Now coming to the next significant point – the cover area of this state law! You would be happy to know that this UIGEA law is applicable only for the US based sites.

But as you know when you are doing something or playing a game online, you are considered a global citizen and you are free to choose any website. There is virtually no law which can prevent you from playing online poker on some Russian or European sites.

But if you are too eager to play on your country sites then obviously you can do that. Neither state law nor federal law is going to fine you or put you behind the bar as far as you are not doing any money transactions with those sites. Conclusion, you can enjoy playing poker anywhere you wish, US law will respect your sportsman spirit. But the moment you are bringing money into your game, you will get tagged as a gambler. And US government is happy with the players, but not with the gamblers. So decide which status you would like to carry with.

How to find suitable online poker sites?

So you are now much aware of the UIGEA act along with its pros and cons. It’s time to know how to find those online poker sites which are particular about this gambling act and comply with the same. After all, you cannot afford to get into legal trouble in order to become an online poker player.

There are two ways of doing that.

Way 1: Go to the online casino directories and search for legal US sites. They may give you a detailed list containing the names and details of poker websites which are obedient to UIGEA. From the same resources you will be able to learn about those sites which have failed a legal status due to their non-compliance to the federal laws.

Way 2: Search Google directly for US legal poker sites and the result will be in front of your eyes. Now, take some time to enter every site and checking their terms and policies regarding the legal issues.

I hope now I am able to clear your confusions. Good luck!

Find the Best Online Poker Sites
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