3D Roulette, a new experience I know

I know, 3D Roulette made by Playtech is nothing new. The game was introduced around May 2010. To be honest, I discovered it yesterday. I was surprised so I wanted to share my experiences with you guys.

3 dimensional roulette

You all know online Roulette and it seems difficult to innovate with this game. If you look at the graphics usually the betting layout is spread across the screen, the wheel is at one end. In Playtech 3D Roulette there is a large wheel in the center and the betting layouts are in flat view above the wheel. At first sight the layout seems too small, but if you try the full screen version everything is just fine.

New functions, new experience

I was surprised when I entered the game in my favourite online casino because the wheel is shiny and looks quite real. It’s a better experience than the flat wheel, which I was used to. I really like the graphics! Beside that it seems a normal roulette wheel. Or not? Nope, roulette 3D has some extra options.

If you open this roulette game in an online casino you see at the bottom of the screen a ‘Visual’ function.

It allows players to change the visual of the roulette wheel. Of course it has no effect on the wagering but you can change the layout in the way you like it. You can remove the turret arms, removing centerlines and eliminating colour shading.

Another useful option provides by Playtech 3D Roulette is the ‘Breakdown’ feature. If you are a new roulette player in an online casino it is difficult to know if you place multiple bets which of the placed bets has won and how much they individually paid out. You can click on the Breakdown button and see the amount that is won.

And you?

Beside these extra features of course Roulette 3D has some usual roulette functions. Who played Playtech 3D Roulette in an online casino? What did you think about it?

3D Roulette, a new experience I know
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